History of Kress'
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The Kress' building is a two story above ground structure (with a basement) facing North on Oklahoma Avenue in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  Along with the stairs to all levels, there is also a service elevator in the back of the building that services all of the main floors  an also has an opening to the alley.    

At the street level, the building is 25 feet wide and at the upper levels is 50 feet wide .  The building is approximately 135 feet in length, Oklahoma Avenue to the alley.  So there is approximately 3,500 square feet on the street level and 7,000 square feet on the upper levels.  As mentioned before, there is a basement that is 50 feet wide and approximately 100 feet in length that is reachable by the elevator or the stairs.

There are three levels at or above Oklahoma Avenue.  The  first level is currently fully occupied with three occupants, the Uptown Cafe, Valerie's Unique Clothing and an office of the  State of Oklahoma.   

Somewhere in the history of the building, an intermediate level was added.  The proposed use of this level will be offices and possibly document storage.

The top level will have at a minimum two loft apartments overlooking Oklahoma Avenue.  Each of these will be approximately 25 feet wide by 65 feet for approximately 1625 square feet of living space.  An example floor plan is shown below under "Top Level layout".

For the following, Oklahoma Avenue is to the left <----.

Street Level layout

Mid Level layout

Top level layout


We are currently proposing apartment layouts for top level front of the building.  The following figure shows a proposed layout, but it is only 1020 square feet.  It is anticipated that the lofts will be in the 1800 square foot range and will depend on the final design of the loft and surrounding area.

If you are interested in any of the available spaces or desire other information, please call and/or send us an email.  You can do this by hitting the following "Go button" which will automatically take you to the "Contacts" page.